City Centre 30 Days Wild Inspiration

30DAYSWILD_ID1 blacksmallToday found me having a driving lesson and end up in Cambridge City centre.  I had some shopping to do and then found myself a bit of nature by sitting on one of the meadows by the river, writing this post and enjoying my knitting.

I decided I should brainstorm some city centre wild acts!

  1. Try and find a flower growing out of the pavement or a wall.  Marvel at the places plants can grow!
  2. Find your nearest grassy place and enjoy the feel of it on your bare feet
  3. Go out at night and see if you have any wildlife around at night
  4. Read a nature book under a tree
  5. Climb the tree!
  6. If your city has a river, hire a boat and see what wildlife you can see
  7. Plant some flowers in pots for your window/balcony/garden and watch it grow
  8. Put a bird feeder out and see what birds you can attract
  9. Play pooh sticks over a bridge if you’ve got a river (but only use branches lying on the ground, don’t kill any plants in the process)
  10. Take your favourite craft activity outside and create something while listening to the birds

Living in the city is no excuse for not being wild!

Here’s some photos of where I was writing this post:

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One thought on “City Centre 30 Days Wild Inspiration

  1. Love the ideas! Even in urban spaces, there is so much potential for discovering and appreciating nature!


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