Afternoon Walk

Today I was just going to do a short picture post of some yellow flag irises in the sunshine, but I had such a lovely walk and saw lots of different things that I decided to tell you about my whole walk!  As with all my photos, click to show a larger photo.  I went down to my usual haunt of Somersham lake:

Somersham Lake

Somersham Lake

I found a delightful selection of wildflowers:

And an even more delightful selection of birds and wildlife, including a very shy green woodpecker and a nesting grebe.

Today has been a lovely way to connect with nature.

You can also help me out, there is a brown bird which hides in a patch of reeds, and sings with the following song, I need your help to identify it!

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2 thoughts on “Afternoon Walk

  1. That sounds like a reed warbler, and fits the description too.


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