Rainy Day Inspiration for 30 Days Wild

© The Wildlife Trust

© The Wildlife Trust

There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing
~ Alfred Wainwright

Mr. Wainwright has a point.  The wildlife we have in the UK doesn’t get to hide inside houses and stay dry like we do, so make time to see some wildlife in the rain during 30 Days Wild this June!  If you’re lucky you might get to see something you wouldn’t see at any other time!  Just remember to grab your wellies and your waterproofs!

You can see any of the pictures in this post bigger by clicking on them!

I went across to the Somersham Lake again.  This is very close to me, and I love seeing how it changes throughout the year.  Today I had a very pretty surprise.  The yellow flag irises have bloomed early this year!  There are still lots of buds around, so I’m looking forward to get photos of more of them on some sunnier days!  Another nice moment was watching a black headed gull try to balance on one leg (it did have two legs…it gave up quite quickly!).

Ideas For Rainy Days

1. Brave the rain and share the joy/pleasure/sadness/wetness of the rain with some wildlife like these tufted ducks and this heron

2. Brave the rain again (or hide under a dry spot) and watch the patterns of the rain on the water.  Maybe take some photos (you might want to waterproof your camera first though – I cut up a plastic bottle to cover my lens and taped some ziplock bags together to go round it!)

Raindrops falling

Raindrops falling

3. If you really don’t want to get wet, head out after the rain and look for water droplets on the leaves of plants

Droplets on a leaf

Droplets on a leaf

4. Either during or after the rain, head out and try to find some snails, maybe grab some friends, find a nice snail and have a snail race!

5. If there’s a little bit of sun poking through, go and look out for a rainbow!

6. You can even go dancing in the rain or splashing in puddles!

Get outside, go wild, and enjoy the rain!

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6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Inspiration for 30 Days Wild

  1. This is a great post! I quite enjoy getting out in the rain – the sounds and smells are always fantastic! Some of my most memorable walks have involved getting caught in torrential downpours (not always when I was prepared for such weather!) and have been such good fun! More people should get out and enjoy the rain!

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  2. Nettie on said:

    Some birds seem to positively enjoy singing in the rain, especially thrushes. 🙂


    • They do! I had quite a few blackbirds and robins singing today. There were also some blue tits around as well. We don’t seem to get many rushes down by the lake at the moment, but I often find more when I head out into the meadows , farm lands and woody areas. 🙂
      Everything seems to have a whole different feel depending on what weather it is!


  3. Great ideas! If you really don’t fancy getting out there (or if it’s the fourth rainy day in a row… perhaps not unlikely?) then it’s a good excuse to curl up with a nature documentary or book? I’m going to be buying some in preparation!


    • Thanks!
      Definitely agree with not getting wet too many days in a row! I love curling up with a nature book or nature documentary. My favourite book at the moment is a book on Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland by M Blamey, R Fitter and A Fitter, its got information on each plant and loads of pictures!


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