Birdwatching Walk – More Inspiration for 30 Days Wild

© The Wildlife Trust

© The Wildlife Trust

Today I visited my local nature reserve, Somersham Lake, and had a rather exciting birdwatching walk!  I love looking at the wildlife and plants surrounding lakes, there’s always something new to see.

Birdwatching is great activity you could do for the 30 Days Wild Challenge, you could even do this on your way to work, in the garden or wherever you can find a bird!  I love birdwatching, while I don’t tend to go and hide in hide for hours on end, I still love to look out for birds whenever I’m outside!

You could always put out a feeder of food for the birds and see what birds you get coming to visit!

Anyway, here is a list of the exciting things that I saw on today’s birding trip, some of them I got photographs of, others I didn’t!

  • Saw a small grass snake
  • Heard and finally saw a warbler in the reeds, I am slightly uncertain as to which one as I had to memorise the song and may have remembered it wrong when it came to identifying it.  I think it was either a Cetti’s warbler or a reed warbler.
  • Found a blue tit playing in the reeds as well
  • Saw a heron and watched get dive bombed by seagulls
  • A green woodpecker that got scared off by the pigeons as I tried to get close enough for a photo

The baby count on the lake remains at:

  • 7 goslings
  • 9 ducklings
  • 3 baby coots
  • a pair of nesting grebes…I’m waiting patiently for some chicks and hoping they hatch before we move house!

Have a look at some of my photos from today, I’m rather proud of them!

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