Flora and Fauna Hunt – Inspiration for 30 Days Wild

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© The Wildlife Trusts

Today I decided to make the most of sunny weather we were having to go on a wild flora and fauna hunt!
Going hunting for animals and flowers is a great way to get wild if you’re thinking of doing the 30 Days Wild Challenge with the Wildlife Trusts!  You don’t even have to go far, you might be able to find some interesting finds in your garden.  I went out into the farmlands surrounding my village, including visiting both new and old churchyards and going along a dismantled railway line!  Although I spent the afternoon doing this, you can just spend a few minutes in the garden, it needn’t get long, just enough to start getting nature back into your world!

Here are some of the photos of the places I visited on my ramble today:

I didn’t manage to get pictures of all the exciting birds and butterflies I saw, and some of the flowers I just can’t identify!  But I had a lovely walk none-the-less and thoroughly enjoyed being out in the countryside for a day, listening to the birds singing to themselves (and sometimes being alarmed that this human with a camera was trying to sneak up on them!).

Interesting things I found:

Flora (plants, flowers and things):


I also saw loads of birds while I was out, but they were all feeling quite camera shy.  However, my favourite of the ones I saw was a yellowhammer (I’ve never seen one of these before), a great spotted woodpecker and what was probably a partridge (although it might have been a quail, it was flying away from me at top speed)!  And these two ducks out for a stroll:


I headed home via the local nature reserve, and found 3 adoreable baby coots being looked after by their parents!  This brings the baby count on the lake reserve to: 7 goslings (a few weeks to month old now), 9 ducklings (a week old approximately), 3 baby coots (less than a week old) and some grebe eggs just waiting to hatch!


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