30 Days Wild Challenge

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© The Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trust are running a 30 Days Wild Challenge that I’ve decided to join in on!

The idea is to do something wild every day throughout June 2015.  This can be as simple as going to sit in meadow, climbing a tree, finding butterflies or even just finding some flowers to photograph.

Its going to be a great way to enjoy the wild outdoors and enjoy all the nature has to offer!

I thought this would be a great project to further my love of photography and get me out and about and finding new things.

Find out more on their website!


Have a cute photo of a duckling as today’s bit of nature!


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2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild Challenge

  1. Me too! Saw your post on Twitter (I’m @peaklouise) so thought I’d come and have a look! I’ve started a second blog to record my 30 days wild adventures separately. I’m looking forward to it! Lovely photo 🙂


    • Yay 😀 Its gonna be fun!
      I found your blog from 365project.org and have saved a link to it so I can follow yours too! (I’m Stephanie, stephlisa87, on 365project!).
      Thank you 🙂


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